Turnkey Project Management & Delivery

All businesses inevitably need some construction and capital expenditure.  We design and build construction projects.  The best way for Alfa Tech to help our clients in this process is to navigate them through the entire process from the true beginning to end.  With turnkey project management and delivery Alfa Tech can provide a complete project solution.  From site search and due diligence, alternative analysis, design, construction, commissioning, and facility management capabilities we are truly a turnkey solution.


Turnkey, also known as engineering procurement and construction (EPC), contracts are a very good value proposition for today’s highly dynamic business environment and for technical projects.  Turnkey allows for continuous support and accountability from a single team throughout the project lifecycle.  The traditional functional silos of various designers and building professionals leave too much margin for error and miscommunication.   Because we are builder’s we are efficient designers. Because we are designer’s we are conscientious builders.  Because we are engineering, construction, real estate, design and business professionals who manage projects (not just project managers) we bring a holistic perspective to the design, construction and decision making process.


Our delivery method is based on trust, partnership and a deep technical and qualitative understanding of our client’s needs.