Honoring Women In The Workforce – Celine Goh

Celine Goh, Project Manager of Alfa Tech, was previously from the service industry before she choose to challenge the construction industry.

It was at an event back in 2017 where she met our Managing Director, Zach Wilson, that she was convinced to join Alfa Tech.

She first started in the Marketing role but carrying the mindset of trying out a new environment and a new space, she became a Project Engineer 2 months into the job. Her first post was a complex multisite project involving work at Changi, Bras Basah, and Paya Labar consolidating a real estate footprint for a major retail customer. She managed a tough project and a tough client and there was no turning back after that.
Today Celine manages one of Alfa Tech’s premier clients and continues to grow in her leadership and technical skill sets.

“You don’t necessarily have to be equipped with the right skills but with opportunity, it allows one to grow. ” –Celine Goh

“Alfa Tech is proud to find talent outside of construction to serve in the industry. We are often delighted by their fresh viewpoints and skills. Ultimately attitude is the most important thing. Skills can be acquired once the attitude is correct. Celine has a great attitude and personifies so many of our values. She’s a star.” –Zach Wilson, MD