Dormitory Catered To The Needs Of Residents In Isolation

An Alfa Tech Dormitory Project

Willow Dormitory, located at 28A Sunview Way is a designed and built project done by Alfa Tech Singapore.

As we are all aware back in 2020 when local cases of COVID-19 surged among the various dormitories in Singapore, a lockdown was imposed which led to dormitory residents losing their freedom. Access to amenities was totally cut.

Building on that approach, we endeavored to design, build and provide services that were tailored around the needs of the residents’ while being in isolation.

The Willow Dormitory’s bespoke design is based on the feedback from the residents. With four blocks in a quadrangle surrounding a central tree-lined courtyard, 168 prefabricated steel structures are assembled onsite to enhance project productivity. With the new bed design, the residents are able to have their own personal private space and storage area. There are also ensuite bathrooms for every room.  The dormitory allows for accommodations for up to 500 employees and has amenities that include a commissary, Gymnasium, dedicated laundry facilities, recreation, and rest courtyard.

The wall mural painted by graffiti artist, Studio Moonchild revolves around the idea of 3 “Maidens of Serenity” who surround the dormitory to provide a safe and comfortable place for the workers to return to after a hard day’s work. Bright colors were used to contrast the rigid and earthy environment the workers face on a day-to-day based out in the field.
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