Air 7 Asia

Recently, AlfaTech Asia completed a project with Air 7 Asia.

According to the client’s custom design, this project encompassed fitting out works for an existing aerospace premise of approximately 3100 SF.

The design planning was complicated and required very creative and innovative designers to work out to meet the owner’s expectations. AlfaTech Asia was able to show up as a Design & Build company proposing Interior Design and building services details for the owner. We designed to carry out the installation of New External Façade Cladding to existing walls with partial Greening Solution on top of other common A&A trades like Electrical, IT/Data, Sanitary & Plumbing, Partition/Ceiling/Door/Window, Flooring, ACMV, and Carpentry Works. Quality works were inspected, tested, and commissioned for our client’s occupancy upon site acceptance.