Alfa Tech furthers its relationship with world’s largest social media player

(Singapore) – In December 2014, Alfa Tech VestAsia (ATVA) won the trust of a global social media giant and was appointed to oversee the build-out of its 46, 000 SF data center and support office in Singapore. After the successful delivery of one of the most technically sophisticated facilities in Asia, ATVA has been recently awarded an on-going ‘smart hands’ contract by Kusu Pte. Ltd.

“This new arrangement is an extension of the current commitment and working relationship, ” said Zach Wilson, MD of ATVA. “Having been the project manager for Kusu’s previous technical fit out, it became a natural fit for Alfa Tech to keep full time on-site staff to help with cabling, network setup, equipment installation and overall management of both facility and information technologies at the operating data center space.”

The project management piece involved the management and commissioning of electrical and server rack systems; installation of a new bus duct, cold aisle containment and reactpr power panels; structure cabling design to maximum diversity and full redundancy; and complete integration of network security system. ATVA has deployed its top IT talent to ensure the maintenance of the current facility as well as address its future needs.

ATVA was incorporated in Singapore in 2007 to provide end-to-end design, advisory and turnkey project management services throughout the Asia Pacific region. Its mission is to de-risk clients’ capital expansion experience by ensuring on-time on-budget project delivery and providing customized solutions and bridge the technical, quality and customer service gap between industrial best practices and ground realities faced by our clients. ATVA is located at 46 Kim Yam Road, #03-03 The Herencia, Singapore 239351, (65) 6461 9300,


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