Alfa Tech MD Zach Wilson discusses ‘Immersion Cooling for Data Centers’ at NTU with academics and industry professionals

(Singapore) – Zach Wilson, MD of Alfa Tech VestAsia (ATVA) recently updated Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) EcoCampus stakeholders and industry professionals on the progress and promise of liquid immersion cooling – a radical technology that can reduce data center space use by up to 96%, volume by up to 98% and power load to near par efficiency (providing power only for data and computing load).

Power use efficiency of 1.10 or less is not a dream. “The biggest obstacle is that the technology is too good, it is a complete sea change and the industry is just not ready for it. If we were offering a 15% incremental benefit for millions of dollars people would buy it, but radical change is just categorically rejected. The commoditization of data is on our side and history will be on our side, ” stated Zach Wilson. “For someone wanting to host and process data, Singapore is the portal to Asia. It is free from natural disaster, politically stable, extremely well-connected via undersea fiber and is a banking and thought leading community on the world stage. The only thing going against it is the harsh climate and expensive power. Open Bath Immersion (OBI) alleviates the impact of both those issues by offering the promise of free cooling and sub 1.05 PUE to any climate in the world.”

OBI is the practice of submerging the processors and heat producing elements of a computer server directly into a liquid. In the Alfa Tech model, they use an inert (non-conductive) liquid that has a low boiling point.  Over 99% of the world’s computing power is cooled via air which requires massive amounts of mechanical refrigeration, air handling and wildly inefficient space utilization.

ATVA has partnered with NTU and Energy Research Institute (ERI@N) since 2014 to sponsor research and collaboration in this EcoCampus initiative.  ERI@N was formed by NTU to spearhead the University’s efforts in the area of sustainable energy research. ERI@N seeks to provide a unique platform, where the various disciplines such as materials, power electronics and systems, biological, physical, social sciences, as well as humanities and business communities can interact to explore new solutions to a host of issues including energy generation, harnessing, storage, distribution, efficiency, as well as impact on climate change and global warming.

ATVA has routinely contributed to Singapore with research sponsorship, project donations, charitable giving and man power assistance for various community projects.  The involvement with Eco-Campus is another example of ATVA’s commitment to not just profits, but a better world.

ATVA was incorporated in Singapore in 2007 to provide end-to-end design, advisory and turnkey project management services throughout the Asia Pacific region. Its mission is to de-risk clients’ capital expansion experience by ensuring on-time on-budget project delivery and providing customized solutions and bridge the technical, quality and customer service gap between industrial best practices and ground realities faced by our clients. ATVA is located at 46 Kim Yam Road, #03-03 The Herencia, Singapore 239351, (65) 6461 9300,


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