Alfa Tech sets up operations in Hong Kong

(Hong Kong) – In its ambition to serve clients at a regional level, Alfa Tech set up its Hong Kong operation in May 2016.

Since then, it has completed its first capital project in Hong Kong for Viavi Solutions, formerly known as JDS Uniphase. Viavi has been one of Alfa Tech’s oldest clients. Alfa Tech has designed and built over 150, 000 SF of data center, support office and laboratory space for Viavi in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

“We now have fully licensed business entities in Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong, ” said Zach Wilson, Managing Director of Alfa Tech.  “This allows us the capability to serve our clients Asia’s financial triangle. We can now satellite out to second and third tier Chinese cities and give our clients the trusted partner they need as they continue to grow and penetrate the region.”

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