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At AlfaTech Asia, we take the prevention of work-related injury and ill health to our employees as part of our commitment to the respect for human life and the inherent dignity of every single member of our AlfaTech Asia member. Our management system objectives are established with both lagging and proactive leading indicators with the overall goal of zero injuries and illness. These objectives will include those of our clients and partners. Being safe on the worksite is all about thinking and paying attention to what you are doing. Looking out for one another is how we all can get home safely at the end of the day.

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A Pat On The Back

A pat on the back is an AlfaTech Asia culture to build a positive safety culture on site. It helps to encourage and reinforce safe and good behavior at work.

It is based on AlfaTech Asia 4 steps. They are:-

A ttention from the person

P raise the safe and good behavior

A sk for comments or improvements

T hank the person and give a pat on the back

Once we replace negative thoughts with positive ones, we will start having positive results. A pat on the back is the beginning of a positive safety culture. Let’s go home safe together!

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