AlfaTech raises the bar for Singapore’s boxing landscape with its delivery of “The Ring”

(Singapore) – Nothing excites the AlfaTech team more than working with energetic clients to deliver state-of-the-art facilities that further their business vision. “The Ring”, an urban training facility and boxing gym is a perfect example of a partnership founded on relentless passion and commitment.

“Playing off the heart and passion of the project sponsor who is an avid boxer and fighter in the business world as well, Alfa Tech has made his dream and vision a reality, ” said Zach Wilson, Managing Director of AlfaTech VestAsia.

The 7000 SF gym includes a competition boxing ring, a variety of training bags, cross fit options, standard weight lifting and conditioning stations as well as a custom designed and fabricated ‘real steel’ gym concept.

“The environmental energy of the existing space as large and vast as it is, lends itself to the industrial warehouse New York chic style of an underground Boxing Ring. Think of a fight club community in a powerful space with exposed ductwork, CMU brick, and metal mesh, honest, raw materials that adhere to to the essence and nature of a Boxing Ring”, said Anastasia Malishev, Design Director of AlfaTech. “A fantastic interior to create with a great client.”

ATVA began operations in Singapore in 2007 to provide end-to-end design, advisory and turnkey project management services throughout the Asia Pacific region. Its mission is to de-risk clients’ capital expansion experience by ensuring on-time on-budget project delivery and providing customized solutions and bridge the technical, quality and customer service gap between industrial best practices and ground realities faced by our clients. ATVA is located at 46 Kim Yam Road, #03-03 The Herencia, Singapore 239351, (65) 6461 9300,

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