ATVA Inaugurates New Singapore Office Amid Fanfare

In a ceremony complete with lion dancers and acrobatic performers to bring luck and prosperity to the new facilities, and 50 spectators, Alfa Tech VestAsia inaugurated its’ new 3000 sq. ft office at The Herencia located on 46, Kim Yam Road .

The new office was built in direct response to excellent business growth that resulted in a growing manpower base, which necessitated a larger workspace. The new office was designed and fit-out by Alfa Tech VestAsia, and includes management rooms, over 30 workstations, a conference room, private phone rooms, a pantry with ample seating space and storage space.

“This investment underscores our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs in Asia, and we hope to better serve our clients from this enhanced facility” said Zach Wilson, Managing Director of Alfa Tech VestAsia.

Alfa Tech VestAsia was incorporated in Singapore in 2007 to provide end-to-end design, advisory and turnkey project management services throughout the Asia Pacific region. We de-risk clients’ capital expansion experience by ensuring on-time on-budget project delivery and providing customized solutions. Our aim is to bridge the technical, quality and customer service gap between industrial best practices and ground realities faced by our clients.



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