Confidential Industrial Project


The facility is a certified cleanroom and will serve to bring technology from the R&D stage to full production for roll out eventually to the public. 


  • Size: Approx. 1000 SF
  • Scope: Alterations and Additions for Tenant’s Laboratory/ Office & Showcase/ Workshop/ Showcase/ Utility/ Server Rooms including builder and M&E works
  • Location: West, Singapore


The project encompassed fitting out works for an open space of approximately 1000 SF into a combined lot with the mixture of Laboratory/ Office & Showcase/ Workshop/ Utility/ Server Rooms. 

The planning of the design was complex and challenging, which required very intensive project management skills and experienced designers to work out in order to meet multiple end users’ and stakeholders’ expectations. AlfaTech Asia was able to show up as a Design & Build company proposing ACMV services and details for the project client. Other than ACMV, we were also carrying out installation for other trades like Electrical, Data, Sanitary & Plumbing, Partition/Ceiling/Door/Window, Epoxy Flooring, Gas, and Compressed Air systems. All the installations were duly inspected, tested, and commissioned for our client’s purpose of use upon site acceptance.


  • Preliminaries 
  • Builder Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation
  • Tap Water Piping, Compressed Dry Air & Gases
  • Fire Protection Works 
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