Enlighted discusses the value of “Bringing IoT into Commercial Real Estate” at the American Chamber of Commerce

(Singapore) – As part of its ICT Panel Series, The American Chamber of Commerce recently invited Zach Wilson, MD of Enlighted Sales and Service Pte. Ltd. to be a panelist for the topic “Bringing IoT into Commercial Real Estate.” The panel discussed how organizations are rethinking sustainability and its relationship to the bottom line and the importance of actionable data to make better real estate decisions. Other panelists included Eddy Lau, Deputy Director, Certification and Technology of Singapore Green Building Council and Alexandre Parilusyan, Vice President, Business Transformation, APAC South of Dassault Systèmes.

“We feel internet of things only matters when the ‘thing’ is something important – and commercial real estate is the most valuable fixed asset that we interact with.  Accounting for a huge amount of corporate operating expense globally, it is the ‘thing’ we find most compelling, ” said Zach Wilson. “If we can better utilize this asset even by a few percentage points, or make better decisions based on actual data, not stories, anecdotal comments and feelings, we can drive massive savings for our buildings.”

The session ended with the panel making the case for how decision makers in Singapore would benefit a whole lot more by seeing the value of technologies beyond mere ROI. Instead of being focused on the return on their sustainability initiatives in isolation, organizations need to understand the impact IoT technologies can have on their entire core business. For example, Enlighted’s smart sensor network not only improve the energy performance of a building but also help owners optimize the space they use, track assets, raise occupant productivity and enhance the physical security of the building.

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