Zach Wilson Discusses ‘Building Smart Infrastructure’ at 7th City Development Conference

(Singapore) – Zach Wilson, Managing Director of Alfa Tech VestAsia was recently invited to speak on ‘Building Smart Infrastructure’ at the 7th Annual City Development Conference organized by the Marcus Evans group in Singapore. The conference provides a platform for industry stalwarts across the Asia-Pacific region to come together once a year and share best practices in urban planning and building smart, sustainable cities.

Zach used Singapore as an analogue to highlight several critical issues relating to smart infrastructure in Asia. His talk touched upon the pros and cons of the Building Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Scheme when compared to USA’s LEED Program and the EU’s push for zero-energy and even positive energy buildings. “Well designed, sustainable buildings are those that do not require significant capital expenditure reserves, ” said Zach. “Singapore has done an incredible job in its push for the green built environment in the recent past but when we look at best practices adopted in the EU, Singapore’s Green Mark Scheme seems like a long walk for short beers. The private sector needs to recognize the value in sustainable buildings and the significant operational expenditure cuts that green buildings can yield over their lifetime. By getting caught in the test-bedding tailspin, we are potentially losing billions of dollars worth of savings. Sometimes finished is better than perfect.”

Sighting Facebook’s open compute data center as an example of its commitment to reduce the environmental impact of scaling technology infrastructure, Zach pointed out that by investing in the right materials and sophisticated data center design, Facebook has been able to build a data center that uses 52% less energy and 72% less water than its conventional counterpart and set a new industry industry by achieveing Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) as low as 1.08.

“Bakers bake, writers write, googlers search…but everyone uses computing resources on a regular basis. Singapore is going to witness a boom in its data center infrastructure and companies should actively seek project managers who are committed to building best-in-class data center facilities that can be replicated and implemented in tropical environments around the world. The solutions are there and people stand ready to help, ” said Zach in his concluding remarks.

Alfa Tech has played a leading role in adopting leading sustainable data center and clean room technologies and deploying them throughout their projects. Its data centers are the cleanest and greenest in the world and have worked to optimize business costs for worldwide technology leaders such as Google, Facebook, E-bay and Seagate.

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