AlfaTech was re-engaged to provide a turnkey service to Dow Jones for the extension of their Singapore office.


project highlights

Our client was looking for an idea to represent a hallmark place in Singapore for their office. We brainstormed, imagined, dreamed, sketched and came up with a creation. Boat Quay colours and their reflections on the Singapore
River are a colourful representation of Singapore’s history, and this was the start of our inspiration. We showcased this historical place by interpreting the night light reflections on the river in an abstract colourful string beam shaped wall art. We created this piece of art on a midnight blue wall mounted with low angle lights placed in a regular interval to express the flow of the Singapore River. This poetic representation of the river brings a symbol of a Feng Shui element running across the office. For this creation we used 3600m of multicoloured yarn and 133 man hours work to execute it.



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