Supporting Singapore’s ‘Smart Nation’ Vision: Alfa Tech brings best-in-class IoT technology to commercial real estate

(Singapore) – As a world class design company in USA as well as a turnkey project delivery firm in Asia-Pac, Alfa Tech has exposure to leading technologies from all over the world. Having specified smart-sensor controls for several large USA clients, Alfa Tech realized there were portfolio-wide power consumption and space planning gains that were untapped by Singaporean companies – especially those with large real-estate footprints. To help optimize client operations in Asia via best-in-class technology installation, Alfa Tech VestAsia (ATVA) partnered with Enlighted, Inc. to create Enlighted Sales and Service Pte Ltd (ESSPL).

Enlighted builds the world’s most advanced sensor networks for commercial buildings. Its first application – advanced lighting control – saves companies between 50% and 70% in lighting energy costs while tuning individual workspaces for the comfort and efficiency of its occupants. In addition to this, its elegant sensors sit on a facility’s lighting layout and ping the internal environment 65 times a minute to cache real-time information on temperature and occupancy. The structured analytics, motion trails and heat maps derived from these data streams directly relate to energy and space use, employee productivity and security; enabling organizations to drive decisions that directly impact the bottom line.

“With real time data on occupancy, we can plan, manage, cool and light our built environment in a way only dreamed about before, ” said Zach Wilson managing director of ESSPL.  “The most sustainable buildings are those fully occupied, properly managed or the ones foregone in favor of optimally utilized existing spaces. Imagine getting real data that showed exactly how much of your GFA was never used…imagine the economic value of that in Raffles Place or Marina Bay where every foot costs tenants S$14/month. This is the holy grail of real estate management.”

Enlighted Space Utilization Apps – heat maps, motion trails and space utilization analytics

ESSPL now has recruited sales and technical staff from the real estate management and information technology world to help spread the message and assist a growing Singaporean clientele with deployment of the technology. Enlighted Inc.’s Global Energy Optimization (GEO) financing program is able to bring this solution to clients at no upfront capital cost.

The technology has evolved with time and today Enlighted can direct ACMV systems on how to behave based on immediately collected field date which ultimately results in significant energy savings. 

Enlighted ACMV Advisor Software Interface
Enlighted ACMV Advisor Software Interface

 Apart from top VCs in the Silicon Valley including Draper Fisher, and Intel Capital, Enlighted is also backed by EDBI Singapore and early adopters in Singapore include Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), JDS Uniphase Singapore and Agilent Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.





















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