White Paper & Achievements

 Sustainable IT: How to effectively employ sustainable IT for your company
Working together: How to bridge the gap between facilities and IT departments
Data center industry trends: How the data center market is changing
A good investment: How energy efficiency investments can enhance a business’s bottom line by reducing operating costs
School work: How to maximize education while minimizing energy costs
A bright future: How new lighting technologies will impact businesses and save money
Two into one: How technology convergence can streamline your business
Seeing it through: How Integrated Project Delivery leads to greater efficiency in the construction process
Building abroad: How to successfully complete a construction project in a foreign country
Construction method: How to choose which construction approach best suits your purposes
Sustainable lighting: How advancements in lighting technology can offer cost-saving solutions
Alfa Tech Consulting Enterprises: Leaders in Engineering, Sustainability…and Beyond
Presentation: Sustainability and Data Centers Beyond Energy Efficiency Las Vegas 2010 Oct 6
Presentation: ATCE Green Data Centers
Presentation: ATCE BIM Processes

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